Spot Fiat 500X “VOLARE” – Commercial extended version 2016

Fiat 500X is the avant-garde technology SUV with Fiat 500 design.
Discover Fiat 500X City Look, the SUV with the metropolitan spirit, and 500X Off-Road Look, the SUV for a no holds barred adventure:……

This is a cover version of “Nel blu dipinto di blu”, composed by Domenico Modugno and Franco Migliacci, released in 1958. This version was produced and made by Flavio Ibba (Red Rose Productions) for Sapient US and FCA.
Flavio Ibba, Danilo Madonia and Paolo Fedreghini created the arrangements, using musicians from Africa, India, Japan, Jamaica, Brazil, Italy and the USA. The aim was to use a mix of ethnic and RAP to highlight the journey of the Fiat 500X and bring a piece of Italy to the world.
The rappers used for the part filmed in Los Agneles are: Ginger Goldbaum aka G SNAPS, David Sebastian and Tony Demash.
Benedetta Romano played the Italian girl part.

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