Fiat – Gamma Hybrid

È il momento di ripartire con una nuova attitudine. Fiat lo fa nel segno della natura, con la nuova gamma Hybrid. Panda Hybrid da 9.900€ con zero anticipo e zero rate nel 2020. Fino al 30 Giugno, TAN 6,85%, TAEG 9,16%.

Riparti con Panda e il nuovo D-FENCE Pack! Fiat 2020

Siamo pronti a un nuovo inizio, pronti a ripartire con il nuovo D-Fence Pack di Fiat Panda Hybrid: filtri purificatori dell’aria e lampada UV in grado di eliminare fino al 99% dei batteri dalle superfici. Ripartiamo dai prodotti italiani! Gamma Panda con Zero Anticipo, Zero rate fino al 2021 e poi paghi solo da 3€* al giorno! *Ovvero prime 17 rate da 90€ al mese e poi 72 rate da 146€. TAN 6,85% – TAEG 9,59%.

New Fiat 500 Launch Edition “MAI TROPPO” by Bulgari

A tribute to the craftsmanship and beauty, the new B.500 “MAI TROPPO” interpreted by Bulgari is the quintessence of the Italian Dolce Vita. A true gem, embellished by an extreme attention to details and the unmistakable marks of Bulgari’s roman origins. This one-off adds gold powder from the scraps of jewelry production to the nuance of the roman sunset paint. The interiors feature preciousness alongside sustainability: whilst the dashboard is made with the heritage of the past scarves’ collections, a removable brooch made by the goldsmiths of the House is in the heart of the steering wheel. An environment-friendly car is born to celebrate its Diva attitude. Discover also the other unique one-offs, exclusively designed also by Giorgio Armani and Kartell.

New Fiat 500 Kartell

Creativity, innovation and technology as you have never experienced them. The New Fiat 500 meets Kartell, the symbol of Italian industrial design, to develop an exclusive piece that rises above the idea of sustainability. Born as a unique piece, the “Fiat 500 Kartell” features the avant-garde Kartell design. For instance, the sandblasted polycarbonate and the pattern of Kartell’s Kabuki lamp created and developed by Ferruccio Laviani. The interiors plastic parts, 100% recycled from the past glorious collections, share the ambitious purpose of adding a touch of sustainability to such a spearhead in the design field. Discover also the other unique one-offs, exclusively designed also by Giorgio Armani and Bulgari.